David vitter scandal

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David vitter scandal, Vitter has said next to nothing on these controversies. He rarely talks to the Washington media, and he has barely discussed the issues in the local press.

As for Vitter, Dan Moldea, the gumshoe Washington-based reporter who moonlights as an investigator for Flynt, says his birthday was the magic date that led him to ensnare the Louisiana senator in the D.C. Madam scandal.
Moldea is working for Flynt -- as he did in 1998 when Flynt successfully nailed Republicans leading the impeachment brigade against President Bill Clinton -- to expose "hypocrites" on Palfrey's client list. Moldea tells us that he put the number he found on the Feb. 27 record through a reverse-search engine he was using, and the name popped up as "David Vitter." Flynt's first question was, "Is he a hypocrite?" No," Moldea told the Sleuth.

Vitter, a Republican whose touchtone phone digit appeared in the phone records of the "D.C. Madam" in 2007, added with the intention of the "strong forgiveness" he expected since the revelation has allowable him to involve on and seek reelection, the tor newspaper reported.

"Obviously, I've stumbled in my wedding ceremony," Vitter understood. "And observably, I've committed serious sins, which I've talked in this area in the earlier period. Having occur through with the intention of experience and expected with the intention of strong forgiveness, it's really strengthened me and redoubled my focus on living real to persons principles and commitments and living real to the principles and wishes of the public of Louisiana."

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