Vicky Vette Hot Pictures

Vicky Vette Hot Pictures - Vicky Vette is a hot movie star who came from Norway who recently began to be known by his name among the people of Indonesia because of the actions that are surprisingly Vicky Vette participateoff trophy event some time ago. Surely you are all curious about the photos or profile Vicky Vette Vicky Vette let's see below.

It seems that some time ago Vicky Vette come join in our local forum kaskus namely, that where the time Vicky Vette said that he was trying to get the Indonesian national team shirt bearing the garuda bird which

In addition, Vicky vette also write on twitter that asks pack Tifatul to make her national team's mascot. and the statement makes a scene in cyberspace and some twitter accounts.

And here is a brief profile about Vicky Vette:

Name: Vicky Vette
Place / Date of Birth: Stavanger, Norway, June 12, 1965
Occupation: Model

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